WILDD Changes Lives

From frustration and isolation to hope and happiness, the Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia helps students of all ages excel academically and achieve higher levels of self-confidence.

Proven Results

WILDD has a track record of improving reading performance by multiple grade levels. Our unique, evidence-based CLASS™ method is personalized for every student to maximize results.

WILDD is Global

WILDD instruction is offered online, making it convenient and accessible wherever you are.

Free Consultations

WILDD offers free consultation appointments for you to speak with a specialist about your needs and questions.

School District Partnerships

WILDD provides teacher training, Scientific Research-Based Intervention (SRBI), and Progress Monitoring (PM) to school districts throughout the USA, helping to close the achievement gaps among students.

WILDD Knows Dyslexia

What makes the Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia (WILDD) so effective?

Our approach was developed by Erv Carpenter, our co-founder and Executive Director. Erv was diagnosed with dyslexia at 32, and has since grown to be a nationally-recognized speaker, dyslexia expert, and the creator of the CLASS™ academic therapy.

With 30+ years of teaching experience in special education, certifications, and service to multiple Dyslexia Centers, Erv, and co-founder, Kim Campbell-Carpenter, have dedicated their lives to helping people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, regardless of family income. Their goal is to restore opportunities to others like themselves.


“Our son refused to read no matter what my wife and I tried. We were at our wits’ end. Then we met Erv Carpenter. Now thanks to his academic therapy program, our son has finished college  and is starting a forensic pathology program to pursue his dream career!” 
David J. Mahoney

Dane County Sheriff

WILDD can change your life.

You’ll leave WILDD with a personal forever toolkit, equipped for success in school or work.

Attend class wherever you are.

Our use of new technologies allows us to deliver you effective, multi-sensory instruction online.

Instruction designed for you.

WILDD provides individualized one-on-one learning, so students progress at their personal, best pace.

WILDD achieves results.

Improved English Skills

WILDD students gain new strategies for reading and writing, often improving their reading skills by multiple grade levels.

Increased Math Skills

98% of students with math deficiencies show a positive progression in test scores after receiving instruction through WILDD.

Greater Self-Confidence

WILDD nurtures students’ self-confidence, helping them thrive in school and work.

Who can benefit from WILDD?


WILDD serves a diverse mix of students from ages 7 and up, with varying levels of dyslexia and a wide range of other learning disabilities.


It’s never too late to get help. WILDD offers personalized instruction to adult learners, both directly and through Wisconsin’s DVR.


WILDD partners with schools to deliver instruction to students in need, as well as offering teacher training in the CLASS method for school districts.


WILDD works with Chapter 31 to offer instruction to veterans. WILDD is veteran-founded, and is proud to serve our service members.


WILDD works with employers who seek to invest in their employees’ education, helping to promote internally and reduce costly re-training.


The learning assistance that juvenile offenders receive from WILDD can build a life-long skill set and lower the likelihood of repeat offenses.

Get Involved

Give to the Scholarship Fund or Become a Sponsor

Your donation to the Erv & Kim Carpenter Scholarship Fund will enable a low-income child to reach their full potential.



Support our mission to help end illiteracy. Volunteers provide assistance and support to WILDD instructors and staff, and are a critical key to our success. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please Contact Us.


Become an Instructor

Experience the joy of helping clients with dyslexia. WILDD provides free CLASS™ certification to qualified instructors who formally commit to two years of instructor employment with the agency.

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