Financial Assistance: DVR

At WILDD, we know that teenagers and adults with dyslexia and other learning disabilities face special obstacles in their personal and professional lives. Academic therapy can help these individuals thrive—not just survive. For more information about accessing WILDD services as an adult, or for a child 16 years or older, please contact us here.

If you are a DVR counselor or would like to receive services via the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, please continue reading to learn about your next steps.

  1. The DVR counselor will contact WILDD at 608-824-8980 to inquire or request services.
  2. WILDD will schedule a consultation meeting and acquire appropriate information from the DVR counselor. (Consultation meetings are held remotely via WebEx.)
  3. During the consultation, WILDD will make recommendations for how to proceed. If a psychoeducational diagnostic is needed, WILDD will make arrangements for a diagnostic meeting in conjunction with the DVR counselor.
  4. If a diagnostic is needed, the student will come to WILDD’s offices in order to undergo psychoeducational evaluation.
  5. All parties will meet post-assessment to discuss diagnostic results and, if applicable, initiate student enrollment in the appropriate academic therapy program.

To learn more about DVR services for job seekers, please visit